Pramac, we are the energy generation!


  • Pramac’s GGW Gas Fueled generators with cutting-edge Generac engines for faultless performance and low maintenance costs. The best solution for standby applications

    Diesel and Gaseous Industrial Generators

    Pramac's diesel and gas industrial power generators range. 
    Up to 3360 kVa, our generating sets can fulfill any customer need and industrial applications

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    Customized Power Solutions

    The “Customized Solutions” are a key business for PRAMAC, due to the high demand for power generators dedicated to specific applications and the increasing number of special projects exceeding the standard scope of supply.
    We are able to realize special generators up to 3MWe with low, medium and high voltage output, suitable for several applications.
    PRAMAC technical staff are available to design and offer turnkey projects 
    with tailor-made soundproof enclosures, special control panels and studying specific technical alternatives to meet any customer requirement.

  • Pramac's GRW Series, designed for the rental business. Environmentally friendly, reliable and long-lasting, the GRW generators meet the most demanding power needs

    Mobile Generators

    Wide range from 4 to 1250 kVA continuous power. Reliable, durable and versatile generators in order to give the right solution for every mobile energy need. These generators are able to work in a wide variety of applications where temporary power supply is required. Engineered to have a large list of optional and final configurations to meet the most stringent requirements as noise and exhaust emissions.
  • The Pramac PX Series, Engineered and designed for intensive applications, these generators combine endurance and functionality, being compact, efficient and reliable.

    Professional Portable - Powering your work

    Pramac's comprehensive line or professional portable generators, designed to withstand the rigors and intensity of jobsite applications and construction sites

  • Pramac produces a wide range of telecom solutions - including Diesel and Hybrid Options.

    Telecom Generators

    Pramac offers a wide range of solutions for Telecom applications. In order for you to get the best power solution, there are two main factors you need consider. First, the type of site application and secondly the electric output accepted by the Base Transceiver Station (BTS)
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    Light Towers

    Designed for meeting a variety of lighting needs, Pramac's mobile light towers are a source of reliable and durable light, when and where you need it

  • Petrol and diesel driven cold water high pressure washers designed to meet your professional and recreational demands

    Professional Power Equipment

    Pramac is proud of the most powerful power equipment range, including PTO generators, welders, high-pressure washers and motorpumps. Power your work with Pramac!

  • Generac Towerlight-sfondo-verde Tower Light

    Light Towers - Generac Mobile®

    Since 1997, we have dedicated ourselves to the production of mobile lighting towers. This focus has allowed us to develop the largest range of light towers in the world, with innovative features, high performances, versatility, and reliability. Our range of light towers is divided into three different lines: Hybrid, Electric, and Diesel, for a total of more than 20 models able to fit any customer’s need.
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    Other Mobile Products

    As part of the Generac family, in certain countries Pramac and its branches operate with Generac Mobile branded products. 

    Generac Mobile® is the manufacturer of the largest range of light towers in the world since 1997while also producing dust control units and other products for many applications. The high quality standard provides great strength and toughness, as well as the use in the most difficult job sites.