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Power solutions for a telecommunication company in Spain

Power Generators-TeleCommunication-Murcia-Spain


PRAMAC has been selected by TELEFONICA, one of the largest private telecommunications companies in the world, to provide a Special Super Soundproof Genset. The generator, installed on the roof of a building located within its Headquarters in Murcia, is equipped with a customized control panel; a special canopy ensures that noise levels should not exceed 65 dB(A) at 7 meters.



• Power LTP 1117 kVA

• Power PRP 1015 kVA

• Frequency 50 Hz

• Tension 400 V

• Engine MTU 16V2000G65

• Alternator MECC ALTE ECO43 2L

• Container 20’ noise level 65 +/-3 dB(A) @ 7 m

• Automatic panel as per Telefonica requirements

• Incorporated fuel tank 1000 liters

• Engine water preheating system