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Power solutions for telecom base stations in Senegal

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PRAMAC has been selected by one of the biggest Telecom operator in Africa, to power all its telecom base stations with 20 kVA soundproof generators. In case of Grid failure, the gensets can supply power with no interruption for 7 days without diesel refueling (7 days tank enclosed) or oil filling (automatic oil-filling system enclosed). A dummy load is provided with the generator in order to stabilize the load and increase the life span of the engine. All generators are remotely monitored by GSM.


GSW 22 P

• Power LTP 21.5 kVA

• Power PRP 20.1 kVA

• Frequency 50Hz

• Voltage 400 V

• Engine PERKINS 404D-22G

• Alternator MECC ALTE ECP28-M/4

• Soundproof canopy noise level 61 dBA@7 metres

• Automatic oil refilling system

• 7 days fuel tank

• 5 kW dummy load